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Look, if you're reading my userinfo page, you can't really complain that I talk too much about myself, you know?

Once upon a time, I changed journals because I felt I needed that change. It was an open journal and pretty quiet, all things considered. Then a lot of RL stuff happened and I kind of hated fandom, so it became a locked journal. Then I was introduced to Japanese boybands and I only hated fandom about half as much as before, so now the journal is somewhere in between.

My jpop (and now toku) posts are unlocked because they're how I meet new people, since that's the bulk of what I talk about these days. If you've known me forever, you may be interested in when I come fully back around to anime/manga again. If not, you'll probably want to wait until that actually happens to come poking at me again, since I still read manga, I just have very little to say about it.

The three main things I talk about right now are:
→ Japanese boybands ☆ Mostly of the Arashi variety, but occasionally locked posts on Kanjani8 or NEWS may appear.
→ Video games ☆ Final Fantasy XII, Tales of the Abyss, Okami, and Odin Sphere are my current loves. I also scream at Fire Emblem 9 a lot.
→ TV blogging ☆ I watch far more than I could list, but basically if it's any good, I'm probably watching it.
→ Tokusatsu ☆ I have fallen for the charms of Kamen Rider and Sentai series. Kamen Rider Kabuto is my biggest love, but I talk about pretty much anything from Super Hero Time that I can get my hands on. (Look, I know, okay? orz)

Occasionally I will also talk about: Manga I'm reading (One Piece, REBORN!, and Soul Eater are the ones I keep semi-current on), jdrama and a growing love of tokusatsu, and pictures of my retarded desk (it's rainbow-themed! :D).

I post approximately once per day to every other day, usually very long, rambling posts. I tend towards this style because if I talk about something for an hour, then I don't need to seek out fandom for discussion, when I know fandom would just make me want to punch them in the face. But sometimes I post silly memes (that I hardly ever finish anymore, I'm so tired right now) or whatever I feel like. My journal is 99% fandom-oriented, very rarely will I talk about my personal life, instead focusing on My Thoughts On My Fandom Of The Week. I skip around from one shiny thing to the next, much like a magpie and I'm extremely fangirly. Being a fangirl isn't a bad thing, right? ♥

I will friend anyone who friends this journal, there's no need to ask. You still can, I know I would. "Well, I know their userinfo page says it's okay, but what if it's not really okay?" Sometimes it doesn't hurt to ask anyway, right? It really is okay, though, you don't even have to introduce yourself, I know what it's like wanting to be a lurker. But I also love meeting new people, the dorkier and more retarded the better!

I'm very much fail at commenting properly, I keep meaning to respond to absolutely every comment ever and to comment more on other people's journals (because I avidly read them) but then I think, "Hm. I can make another retarded jpop post or I can actually talk to people that I genuinely enjoy talking to and whom probably think that I'm ignoring them despite that I'm actually not. ....retarded jpop post it is then!"

Finally, this is my main journal. But I run a few side projects/journals as well:

[info]tomomichi - Fanworks (fanart and fanfic) recs, updated about every other day whenever the hell I feel like it. Mostly centers around anime&manga and video games, but often times goes back to comics, casts longing glances at TV show fandoms, and occasionally pokes everything else with a stick.

[info]crowdedthoughts - Fic journal. I like to pretend I can write sometimes, mostly Hanakimi right now as the pretty gay doctor and his retard boyfriend had taken over my brain, but I hope to one day branch out a little. (Arashi fic is posted to beckerbell, but any anime/manga/other fic will be posted to crowdedthoughts.)

[info]bananaramabama - I upload crap (mostly anime episodes and manga downloads) and people download it. I like to spam people with shiny stuff, basically. I try to limit the posts to once a day, but I probably won't always succeed.

[info]rainbowpress - A weekly (or thereabouts) newsletter for Arashi fandom. I figure as long as I'm looking at everything I can find ever, I might as well organize it for other people, too.

Interests (129):

aiba/jun, aibajun, aishiteruze baby, akiha/umeda, arashi, bastard!!, batshit crossovers, boukenger, cardcaptor sakura, ccs/xxxholic, chuck austen sucks, clamp, clow reed, clow/yuuko, d.gray-man, dekaranger, dragonball z, eyeshield 21, fandom mindmelds, final fantasy vii, final fantasy viii, final fantasy xii, fruits basket, fullmetal alchemist, furuba, gankutsuou, gatchaman, gekiranger, genjyo sanzo, get backers, gintama, go-onger, gokusen, gravitation, gundam wing, gungrave, gurren lagann, hagane no renkinjutsushi, hanakimi, hanazakari no kimitachi e, hare + guu, harukanaru toki no nakade, hashiba touma, hikaru no go, hunter x hunter, i ♥ fuji, i ♥ tezuka, ichigo/orihime, initial d, inuyasha, juuni kokki, kamen rider 555, kamen rider den-o, kamen rider kabuto, kamen rider kiva, kekkashi, koko wa greenwood, komui lee, kyou kara maou!, kyou/tohru, last exile, lost universe, maria-sama ga miteru, matantei loki ragnarok, megami kohousei, merupuri, mirage of blaze, mushishi, nana, naruto, natsume yuujinchou, nightwing, one piece, peace maker, prince of tennis, princess tutu, professor layton, ranma 1/2, ryo/touma, saiyuki, sakurazuka seishirou, scrapped princess, scryed, seiji/touma, seishirou x subaru, shoujo kakumei utena, shounen jump, slayers, soul eater, sumeragi subaru, tachibana kaimu, takamichi, takayanagi masataka, takigawa eiji, tales of the abyss, tatsumi seiichirou, tatsumi x watari, tenipuri, tenjou tenge, tennis no oujisama, tezuato, tezufuji, tezuka, tezuka kunimitsu, tezuka x atobe, tezuka x fuji, tezuka zone, tezuka/fuji, tezukaxfuji, the gay emo momijis, tinhatting, tokyo babylon, tomomasa, trigun, tsubasa reservoir chronicles, umeda hokuto, vampire knight, viewfinder, weiss kreuz, wolf's rain, x, xxxholic, yami no matsuei, yoroiden samurai troopers, yuki eiri, yuu yuu hakusho, zelgadiss greywers, zoro/sanji, zukafuji
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